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Meeting Facilitation Services

I help organizations get more work done, faster, by facilitating meetings where people accomplish amazing results within a surprisingly short time. Insightful conversations that engage participants and consistently deliver great outcomes don’t happen by chance, whether participants are meeting in person, from a distance, or both. That’s why it’s so important to design a meeting that answers questions like:

  • What’s the best way to involve which participants, and when?
  • How can we blend offline and real-time interaction to harness the best thinking?
  • In what way must we create a level playing field among participants both near and far?
  • What cultural differences and political factors are important?
  • What facilitation techniques are likely to work best here?

The result of a carefully-planned meeting design combined with skillful facilitation: Meetings that leave participants with a sense they really accomplished something important, and a feeling that every minute was well-spent.

“Nancy is a brilliant facilitator who has an uncanny ability hone in on key issues where participants can safely contribute answers and ideas. She is the best facilitator I have worked with. ”

- Jennifer Grinold, Marketing and Communications  Manager, Navis

“Nancy is an expert in facilitation in many different forms and knows how it will all work. Nancy truly enjoys bringing people to agreement and moving things forward.”

– Program Manager, Partners Healthcare

Please call or email to set up a quick call so we can discuss you need to accomplish, and together we can explore the best ways I can help take you there. Or click on the links below to learn more about our meeting facilitation services.

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