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Facilitation Skills Training – Delivered Live, Remotely


Guided Insights delivers instructor-led facilitation skills workshops remotely, delivering an engaging and memorable virtual learning experience. Through a series of multiple interactive virtual sessions, participants learn many of the same skills and techniques covered in our onsite facilitation skills workshops, and much more. An added benefit: They have a chance to experience “best practices” virtual meetings tips and techniques firsthand. We recommend a maximum of 15 participants per session to encourage interaction and sharing.

We create scenarios, examples and problem-solving discussions for each organization. All participants receive a softcopy reference guide, templates, checklists and other resources as part of the workshop. A modest amount of prework is required.

When asked what they like best about our virtual facilitation skills workshops, people say:

  • We had a chance to practice what we learned in a supportive setting
  • We stayed actively engaged the whole time, and away from multitasking
  • Participants learned from each other by talking across the virtual table
  • Everyone had an opportunity to contribute in the ways that felt most comfortable for them
  • The instructors modeled best practices for managing dysfunctional meeting behavior
  • We were able to immediately apply tips and techniques to our real-life situations
  • The reference guide makes it easy to find what I’m looking for in the moment


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