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Virtual Meeting Facilitation Services


Organizations like Trip Advisor, the Commonwealth Care Alliance and Boston Children’s Hospital turn to Guided Insights’ special expertise when they need virtual meetings to deliver exceptional results.

At Guided Insights, we believe that exceptional virtual meetings should:

  • Take best advantage of the available technology
  • Include both asynchronous and real-time components
  • Keep people engaged and actively participating throughout
  • Be kept brief, focused and insightful
  • Invite in all voices, regardless of location, role, or communication style
  • Include only those who are ready, willing and able to participate fully
  • Give people opportunities to multitask—on task
  • Reflect differences in communication styles, cultures

In addition to facilitating exceptional virtual meetings, we train and coach organizations to plan and lead great virtual meetings of their own, building on tips, techniques and best practices we have drawn from our work over the last 21+ years.

“You stimulated my thinking in unbelievable ways. Virtual meetings can actually be worthwhile, productive, painless, and even fun!” – Principal of an international management consultancy

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