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Facilitation Skills Training for Cross-Cultural Conversations


Meeting leaders must carefully consider how cultural differences affect the design and facilitation of every conversation. After all, an approach for encouraging discussion with a quiet participant from one country may backfire in another!

That’s why our facilitation skills training courses, whether online or in-person, reflect the different cultures that make up our client organizations. This way, participants explore how cultural and language differences will affect their choices for planning and running successful global meetings.

Nancy was able to balance sharing her expertise along with facilitating much-needed honest and open discussions among our international team. By the end of the session, our team had created a shared action plan to apply what we learned – a big achievement.”

Alyssa Ross, Director, Content Strategy for Dassault Systemes

“Nancy accomplished one of our key goals – to leave the session with a set of actions on how to take the lessons we learned and apply them to our team.”

Marketing Director, European Multinational Software Company


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