Facilitation Skills Training for Cross-Cultural Conversations

Meeting leaders must carefully consider how cultural differences affect the design and facilitation of every conversation. After all, an approach for encouraging discussion with a quiet participant from one country may backfire in another!

That’s why our facilitation skills training courses, whether online or in-person, reflect the different cultures that make up our client organizations. This way, participants explore how cultural and language differences will affect their choices for planning and running successful global meetings.

As part of our work with global teams, we discuss the implications of working with participants from different cultures in the design and leading of virtual meetings and virtual teams.

We also design and facilitate workshops that focus on helping clients navigate across cultural differences, customizing each session for the predominant cultures on any given team. We provide tips and techniques to help clients:

  • Have safe conversations that openly acknowledge the existence of cultural differences
  • Explore aspects of teamwork and collaboration most likely to affect the performance of virtual and hybrid teams
  • Create team norms that transcend and reflect cultural differences
  • Select the best combination of technology to create a level playing field
  • Understand how virtual meetings need to accommodate differences in cultures, language and time zones
  • Learn and apply tips to make virtual and hybrid meetings more inclusive

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