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Virtual Teams and Meetings


Let’s face it: Most of us find it much easier to collaborate with others when we’re in the same room. Likewise, most managers admit they struggle when it comes to engaging team members who work from a distance. Although virtual work is fast becoming the norm for many organizations, most know their teams are not delivering the results they’re really capable of, given the right structure and tools.

Guided Insights works with global organizations to help their virtual teams get better results, faster, through a variety of interactive learning programs tailored to the needs of each organization. Complex, global organizations that span time zones and cultures are a special area of focus.

What sets my virtual leadership training and coaching programs apart?

  • I personally run almost all of our facilitated learning programs, drawing from my 20+ years of experience facilitating virtual teams
  • My new book, Leading Effective Virtual Teams, provides dozens of practical tips and tools that participants can apply to real-world situations
  • All sessions are delivered live, whether they’re held onsite or virtually
  • Each workshop reflects the unique challenges, needs and cultural composition of client  organizations (which is why I rarely offer “public” sessions)
  • Class sizes are kept small to encourage sharing and group problem-solving


“Nancy was professional, energetic, and responsive right from the start of our project together. She brought a new level of rigor to our planning processes, creativity to better engage virtual participants, and skillfully moderated our virtual sessions. Working with Nancy was seamless, and our end product was better because of it.”

– Emily Clermont, Senior Project Manager, National Institute for Children’s Health Quality

“I got so many great tips from this class. I’m one of those slightly more introverted types who needs time to take it all in. I definitely was highly engaged, and I can’t wait to try out what I’ve learned.”

–  Senior Consultant, Client Analytics, IBM

Whether you’re looking to strengthen virtual leadership skills or want to get much more out of your virtual meetings, we can set up a quick call to brainstorm ways I may be able to help your organization achieve more, in less time,  virtually.

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