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Virtual Leadership


Running a successful virtual team requires extraordinary skills that many managers have never learned. I work with virtual team leaders to boost the performance of virtual teams by helping them identify and tackle some of the trickiest challenges associated with leading people they rarely, if ever see.

Through Guided Insights’ interactive training and coaching programs, virtual team leaders learn how to cultivate trust, build relationships, motivate and engage their teams, and manage performance from a distance.

“Nancy really understands what virtual leadership skills are vital, and helps people quickly apply them in real-world situations.”

– Beverly Winkler
Director Organization Effectiveness & Talent Development

“I partnered with Nancy to support a multi-site division of a pharmaceutical company struggling to become more effective as a global team. Her deep experience in working with global virtual teams is evident through the questions she asks, the observations she shares, and the depth of the resources she brings to the table. Whether as trainer, advisor, or facilitator, Nancy’s engaging style brings people to the center of the conversation.”

– Michael Randel
Principal, Randel Consulting Associates

Clients can participate in our virtual leadership training workshops two ways: Remotely, as part of our Bridging the Distance series, or onsite. We create all of our learning programs tailored to each client, with cases, scenarios and discussion topics reflecting participants’ real-life situations.

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