Virtual Leadership

Running a successful virtual or hybrid team requires extraordinary skills that many managers have never learned. I work with virtual and hybrid  team leaders to boost the performance of their teams by helping them identify and tackle some of the trickiest challenges associated with leading people they may rarely, if ever see.

Through Guided Insights’ interactive training and coaching programs, virtual team leaders learn how to cultivate trust, build relationships, motivate and engage their teams, and manage performance from a distance.

Clients choose the topics their leaders most need to lead successful virtual and hybrid teams, including:

  • Creating psychological safety in a virtual and hybrid world
  • Developing shared team norms to align, mobilize and engage virtual teams
  • Establishing and maintaining trust in a virtual world
  • Creating a level playing field across virtual and hybrid-remote teams
  • Using a combination of asynchronous and real-time communications to accelerate work, deepen learning and strengthen social connections
  • Recognition, rewards and celebrations in a virtual world
  • Managing performance, delivering difficult feedback
  • Appreciating how cultural differences will affect leadership

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Client Testimonials

Clients can participate in our virtual leadership training workshops two ways: Remotely, as part of our Bridging the Distance series, or onsite. We create all of our learning programs tailored to each client, with cases, scenarios and discussion topics reflecting participants’ real-life situations.


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