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Virtual Meetings

Designing and running virtual meetings that keep people engaged and achieve results is hard work. That’s because busy people see boring meetings as a great chance to get other “more important” work without anyone noticing, like checking their email or checking what’s hot on Netflix.

If you want to keep more people engaged in the (virtual) conversations that matter, I can help. Planning and Designing Engaging Virtual Meetings shows people how to design virtual meetings that invite active participation, combining new tips and approaches with their available collaboration tools. I guide people through some of the toughest challenges when facilitating virtual meetings, such as:

  • Dealing with persistent multitaskers
  • Balancing participation with diplomacy
  • Keeping people focused when conversations wander
  • Maintaining momentum and following through



“You are masterful at sharing your expertise concisely, in a way that is well-organized and actionable, while generating lively engagement and productive conversations. Every minute was worthwhile.”

Marilyn Kobus, President, Kobus Associates

“You effectively engaged our team and brought wealth of knowledge on numerous facilitation methods.  You created a fantastic learning environment.”

David Thomson, Program Manager, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

“Thank you so much for the excellent workshops. Our staff experienced a very well facilitated in-person and virtual learning session. We all took away many valuable lessons and best practices”

Josel Bernardo Fritz,  Essential Hospitals

Planning and Designing Engaging Virtual Meetings can be delivered either onsite or remotely. (Keep in mind that with our remote workshops, participants can experience best virtual meeting practices firsthand!)

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