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Guided Insights helps teams get important work done, faster, from wherever they work. We do this through our facilitation and training services, with a special focus on facilitation skills training and helping virtual teams collaborate and communicate to achieve better results. Global teams that span multiple cultures are a special area of focus.

* If you or your team must suddenly work remotely, my white paper with dozens of tips should help!*

All training programs are customized for each client, using real-life scenarios to make learning easier, faster and more fun. We deliver training any way our clients want it — onsite, virtually or both. We also help organizations create their own virtual classroom sessions designed to keep people engaged and actively learning.

When it comes to facilitating great meetings, whether face-to-face or virtual, we know how to use the best combination of tools and techniques to deliver results in the shortest possible time.

New! Check out our latest offering, Discovering Unconscious Bias, customized for each client and available onsite or remotely.

If you’d like help solving some of your toughest team communication and collaboration challenges, please contact us to set up a quick call so can brainstorm some quick ideas together.


“Nancy is one of the best facilitators/trainers I have ever worked with.  I appreciate the passion, enthusiasm and professionalism she brings to everything she does .”

Eve Zuber, Organization Development, IBM

“Nancy walked my organization through a full strategic planning effort. I learned a lot from our partnership and appreciated her perspective and insights. Her work certainly propelled us forward as an organization. She absorbed herself in our organization and community to ensure our best outcome. I look forward to working with Nancy again in the future!”

 Kati Stoermer, Executive Director, NRG Oncology

“It is a powerful learning journey working with Nancy. Her attention to detail, ability to collaborate and depth of knowledge have made all the projects we’ve collaborated on to date a success. Thank you for adding value at every turn!”

Amy Vine, Organizational Development and Learning Director,
Commonwealth Care Alliance