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Helping hybrid, remote and in-person teams get important work done, faster, with less friction, from wherever they are.

Helping teams get important work done, faster, with less friction, from wherever they are.

Named by Manage HR Magazine as one of Top 10 facilitation services firms!

I’ve been helping distributed teams — whether hybrid, virtual and co-located — achieve great results in less time through better collaboration and more productive, engaging conversations since 2001. I do this through meeting facilitation, training, coaching and strategic consulting services, which we deliver remotely, onsite, or a combination. 

Companies turn to Guided Insights for our deep expertise when it comes to strengthening the performance of virtual and hybrid teams and vastly improving the quality of their meetings, whether they’re in person, all-virtual, or hybrid.

Click here for a snapshot of how Guided Insights helps organizations navigate through differences, whether it’s a move to a hybrid or virtual work model, collaboration across time and distance for global teams, making decisions about strategic priorities, or the roll-out of new technology.

Announcing our new Facilitation Skills Learning Community of Practice program offering. Check out our brochure or a graphical depiction.

Please see our Announcements page for new services, occasional public workshops and recordings.

Here’s a video replay of my keynote address for HumanCentric Labs: Maintaining Equity and Trust in Hybrid World with Shared Principles. If you’re curious how shared principles can build trust and ensure equity in an asymmetrical world, the 12+ minutes viewing time will be well worth your time.

Check out my LinkedIn Live interview with Penny Pullan: Timeless tips for virtual meetings. Penny and I talk about what’s changed since we first plunged headfirst into the study of virtual meetings more than 20 years ago, what’s the same, and what tips are truly timeless.

The dark side of positivity: Positivity from the right person at the right time can make all the difference, but too much of it can be downright toxic. Check out this video replay of my interview with Samantha Hartley about why positivity is so important and what happens when it becomes just too much. 

meeting facilitation

Meeting Facilitation Services

We help organizations get more work done, faster, by facilitating meetings where people accomplish amazing results...

Facilitation Skills Training

Today’s leaders need to know how to lead productive and engaging meetings to get more good work done, faster...

virtual teams and meetings

Virtual and Hybrid Teams and Meetings

Let’s face it: Most of us find it much easier to collaborate with others when we’re in the same room. Likewise, most..

Virtual and Hybrid Learning Programs
Design and Delivery

Many of us would rather learn new skills in a real classroom, in person...

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