New workshop offering from Guided Insights

As with most of our programs, this workshop is customized for clients. We can deliver this workshop virtually, in two parts, which runs a total of about four hours. We can also deliver this in person, which runs about six hours, including time for a lunch break.

What: Discovering Unconscious Bias Workshop, an interactive virtual learning workshop led by Nancy Settle-Murphy

When: To be scheduled by client organization

Tell me more: Unconscious bias cannot be completely eliminated, but individuals and organizations can change behaviors and modify systems and processes that reinforce and reflect unconscious bias. In this program, participants examine how they make decisions, explore how bias shows up in human behavior and especially the workplace, and learn strategies for mitigating. We reflect on the types of biases that participants may encounter day to day through recruiting and hiring, team dynamics, team conversations, and career development. This is a highly interactive workshop. Much of the learning comes from participants’ cross-table conversation, including their questions, examples, or challenges. Unconscious bias training by itself is rarely effective in reducing systemic unconscious bias. Sponsoring organizations should consider complementing training with additional diversity and inclusion initiatives in areas such as recruiting, screening, hiring, mentoring, career development and growth. 

Please contact us for more information about this workshop or click here for a downloadable information sheet.


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