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Public workshop offerings from Guided Insights

Although most of our programs are customized for clients, Guided Insights sometimes opens our workshops to the public. We also participate in other public workshops from time to time.

Here’s a summary of our public offerings, along with links to register and for more information:

What: Building a High-Performance Hybrid Team Workshop, a virtual learning workshop led by Nancy Settle-Murphy

When: To be scheduled

Tell me more: If you’re like many organizations, you’re probably planning to have at least some of your employees return to the office over the coming months. If so, you maybe grappling with challenges like: How can we minimize costly disruptions and delays? What values, beliefs and norms do we need to reconsider, and which aspects of our culture must we preserve at all costs? How can we attract, retain and engage the best and brightest in light of an increasingly mobile workforce? In this interactive working session, participants will explore how shared team norms can lead to better outcomes while building trust and strengthening relationships, identify aspects of teamwork and collaboration where shared norms will be especially vital, examine how the concepts of fairness and psychological safety lead to more engagement and better performance, learn tips for creating a level playing field that enables all team members to contribute their best thinking, and will leave with a draft a set of norms for aspects of hybrid work that will be most important for their teams. All registered participants will receive a repository of resources and links.  Participation is limited to 20.

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