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Virtual Learning Design


Most of us would rather learn new skills in a real classroom with a live instructor and other students sitting around us. Why? We’re usually more attentive and focused. We can share ideas with others, ask questions and apply new skills. Plus, it can be fun sitting around the table, networking with colleagues.

Instructor-led virtual classroom sessions can actually be just as interactive, effective, memorable and fun. But it takes a special kind of know-how to create absorbing virtual classroom experiences where people can learn and apply new skills easily and quickly.

Our Planning and Leading Engaging Virtual Learning Programs workshop series is designed for learning and development staff, instructional designers, trainers and consultants who want to create sucessful instructor-led virtual learning experiences. For those who want advice and assistance in creating an interactive virtual classroom session on a particular topic, our Virtual Classroom 1-2-3 consulting service can be a great option.

If you’re looking for some quick tips, you may want to start by ordering our guide, 95 Tips for Designing and Leading Virtual Learning Programs that Keep People Interested, Engaged and Focused.

Want to brainstorm the best options for your organization? Please contact us to set up a convenient time to talk.