Blended Facilitation


To engage participants in highly productive conversations, whether face-to-face and remote, by applying the right facilitation technology and tools at the right time

Intended Results:

  • Meetings are shorter and far more productive
  • Make the best use of time, talent and money
  • Good ideas flow faster and more easily
  • Engage only the people you need for any given topic
  • More people can participate fully, regardless of location
  • People come prepared to contribute their best thinking from the first minute


We work with clients to:

  • “Convert” activities intended for face-to-face meetings into a series of high-impact remote working sessions
  • Create realistic agendas and select best combination of facilitation methods and tools to get the job done for both remote and face-to-face working sessions
  • Prepare participants for productive working sessions, both asynchronous and synchronous
  • Facilitate guided conversations with engaged participants that lead to rich results
  • Capture and distribute workshop output quickly using the powerful FacilitatePro online conferencing tool

Getting Started:

Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve better ROI for the time, money and energy you spend in planning and running meetings. You can also visit to learn about FacilitatePro, the conferencing tool we use for both asynchronous and synchronous working sessions, whether remote or in-person.

Wondering how I can help?

Let’s schedule a 30-minute meeting so we can explore how to work together to address your most pressing challenges.

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