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Case Studies

Dynamic Strategic Planning

The new vice president of large department of a major Boston hospital needed to engage all 60-plus members of his department in a strategic planning effort to generate new sources of funding. Timing was short and the need for a compelling new business plan was urgent.

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Brainstorming and action planning to achieve cost reductions

The operations group of a large medical device company needed creative new ways to pare unnecessary costs without jeopardizing the quality of their products and services. A team of more than 20 people were converging in the Boston area, with just four hours to accomplish very ambitious objectives. A blending of virtual and onsite faciitation made it possible to achieve the desired results.

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Ramping up virtual collaboration capabilities

A leading North American financial services firm was undergoing fast growth due to a series of acquisitions from multiple locations hundreds of miles apart. Many seasoned managers were inexperienced when it came to leading remote teams, just as many people who had never worked virtually with other team members had to find ways to collaborate from afar. Cultural differences, both national and organizational, presented new challenges.

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Strengthening cross-cultural collaboration

A fast-growing nonprofit organization based in Washing, D.C. was assembling a management team from several countries, whose members needed to collaborate closely across time zones and cultures. The CEO was looking for a series of engaging, fun activities where members could build new relationships and strengthen their ability to collaborate and communicate more effectively during a recent retreat.

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Transforming project managers into superb facilitators

A fast-growing energy consortium headquartered in Boston needed to cultivate and sharpen the facilitation skills of a more than 20 project team leaders and client managers. While some had basic facilitation skills and some experience, others had never facilitated a meeting outside of their own small group. Most people were charged with leading both face-to-face and virtual meetings, including both internal and external participants. The team ranged from adminstrative assistants to senior managers.

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