Essential Skills for Leading High-Performance Virtual Teams and Exceptional Virtual Meetings


Learn and practice skills, tips and tools to master the virtual workplace

Intended results:

  • Team leaders can influence without authority, motivate and galvanize a virtual team for top performance
  • Blend asynchronous and synchronous communication tools to get the most out of any virtual team
  • Design and facilitate virtual  meetings that are well-run, focused, and completely engaging
  • Build trust, cultivate relationships across your team
  • Navigate cross-cultural and generational differences in the absence of visual cues
  • Apply new tips and tools for addressing commonly-recurring challenges
  • …And much more!


We work with clients to:

  • Customize course content, including case studies and scenarios
  • Devise a series of highly-interactive activities that reflect the needs and culture of each client
  • Prepare participants for a successful learning experience

This workshop is delivered on a client’s site for up to 20 participants. Participants with some experience leading virtual teams or virtual meetings are likely to benefit most. All workshop participants will also attend a one-hour virtual classroom session in advance, designed to show how to keep virtual participants engaged..

Getting Started:

Please contact us to explore how Essential Skills for Leading High-Performing Virtual Teams and Exceptional Virtual Meetings might benefit your organization. Click here for more details.

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