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Accelerate time to results through productive conversations, whether face-to-face, virtual or a combination

Intended results:

  • Virtual meetings achieve or exceed intended outcomes
  • Objectives and expectations are clear at the outset
  • Participants come prepared and ready to contribute
  • Important issues are acknowledged and addressed
  • Vital output is captured and available for immediate use
  • People are energized and committed to following through


We work with clients to:

  • Clarify objectives and agree on intended outcomes
  • Identify important parameters and constraints
  • Realistically assess how much time and which participants are needed to achieve intended outcomes
  • Determine meeting methods and technologies that can best achieve goals
  • Create detailed agendas and activities designed to make the best use of meeting time
  • Identify additional methods of communication that will enhance results
  • Prepare client sponsor and participants, enabling everyone to fully contribute right up front
  • Determine roles and responsibilities of participants, sponsor, and others
  • Ensure that clients will make the necessary commitments to follow through and communicate progress
  • Keep conversations focused and on track
  • Provide meeting output that can be applied immediately for quick results

Getting Started:

To explore how we can help your organization design and lead a terrific virtual meeting, please contact us for more details. If you’re interested in developing this important competency in-house, please see our Bridging the Distance information sheet or our one-page snapshot that describes our Planning and Running Engaging Virtual Meetings workshop series.

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