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Helping teams get important work done, faster, with less friction, from wherever they are.

We help teams achieve great results in less time through better collaboration and more productive and engaging conversations, regardless of where they work. We do this through customized consulting, facilitation, training and coaching services, delivered remotely, onsite, or a combination.

We occasionally announce new services or public sessions of some of our most popular workshops, which you can find on our Announcements page.

New! Here’s a video replay of my recent keynote address for HumanCentric Labs: Maintaining Equity and Trust in Hybrid World with Shared Principles. If you’re curious how shared principles can build trust and ensure equity in an asymmetrical world, the 12+ minutes viewing time will be well worth your time.

The dark side of positivity – Positivity from the right person at the right time can make all the difference, but too much of it can be downright toxic. Check out this video replay of my interview with Samantha Hartley about why positivity is so important and what happens when it becomes just too much 

Meeting Facilitation Services

We help organizations get more work done, faster, by facilitating meetings where people accomplish amazing results...

Facilitation Skills Training

Today’s leaders need to know how to lead productive and engaging meetings to get more good work done, faster...

Virtual Teams and Meetings

Let’s face it: Most of us find it much easier to collaborate with others when we’re in the same room. Likewise, most..

Virtual Learning

Most of us would rather learn new skills in a real classroom with a live instructor and other students sitting around...

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