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To Design Really Engaging Virtual Learning Programs, Throw Away the Old Rules

With fresh allegations making headlines each day, Fred, the HR VP of a growing high-tech company, knew that all employees needed a refresher about the kind of behaviors and actions that constitute sexual assault – ASAP. (The videos they had purchased a few years before were badly dated. Plus, based on some of the behavior […]

Blended Facilitation

Purpose: To engage participants in highly productive conversations, whether face-to-face and remote, by applying the right facilitation technology and tools at the right time Intended Results: Meetings are shorter and far more productive Make the best use of time, talent and money Good ideas flow faster and more easily Engage only the people you need […]

Planning and Running Engaging Virtual Meetings

Purpose: Accelerate time to results through productive conversations, whether face-to-face, virtual or a combination Intended results: Virtual meetings achieve or exceed intended outcomes Objectives and expectations are clear at the outset Participants come prepared and ready to contribute Important issues are acknowledged and addressed Vital output is captured and available for immediate use People are […]

Essential Skills for Leading High-Performance Virtual Teams and Exceptional Virtual Meetings

Purpose: Learn and practice skills, tips and tools to master the virtual workplace Intended results: Team leaders can influence without authority, motivate and galvanize a virtual team for top performance Blend asynchronous and synchronous communication tools to get the most out of any virtual team Design and facilitate virtual  meetings that are well-run, focused, and […]